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Sunday, September 04, 2005

WiredReach Platform

Interesting new project.

The WiredReach Platform, built on a set of open standards and technologies (JXTA, XMPP, Eclipse, RDF [it’s backed by a Jena/HSQLDB store], and RSS), allows users to selectively and securely share “content” with others in a completely decentralized manner. That means your content does not have to be uploaded to any central servers but rather can be shared right from your desktop or device. We use the term “content” very loosely - It can include things like presence, blogs, bookmarks, documents, calendars, music, photos… virtually any type of social media.

Traditional content sharing and collaboration applications are typically built using proprietary protocols and/or as closed networks which limit their applicability, scope and, most importantly, their ability to interoperate. Our goal, instead, is to take an open network approach and enable what we call the “User-Centric Web” - one that blurs the boundaries between the desktop and the web and that can be extended by anyone.

Licensing the platform under the EPL is a key element towards realizing this open vision. The source code and more information about the WiredReach open source project is available at


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