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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

XMPP - Agile Messenger, do they get it?

Agile Messenger is an IM client for mobile devices. Well, some IM services on some devices. XMPP (Jabber) works on their Symbian Series 90 (Nokia 7710) client, if you can find the setting. It is buried in the Menu setting after you have logged onto another IM service like MSN. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

There are many things that don't make sense about Agile Messenger. It started off as a free client, then they started charging for it. That's fine, €2.99 a month or a one time charge of €19.99. What doesn't make sense is their supposed support structure and contact Email. No one I know has ever received a response from Agile. I know a lot of people who have sent requests asking if/when Agile Messenger will support XMPP on Symbian Series 80 (Nokia 9300/9500) and have never heard anything back. Well, I did read on one site that someone did get a response (unconfirmed) and Agile claimed they will not support XMPP in future releases.

Now, Agile has a forum that showed up recently and a paying customer (you have to pay to access their forum) asked if Google Talk will be supported.

The response is that yes it will be some time in the future. I hope they don't do something stupid like hard code into the product instead of letting the (paying) user choose their XMPP server.

Maybe, on a really off chance this message gets to Agile, I'd be willing to pay €40 for a client that included either python or OPL scripting support to custom query incoming PubSub (JEP-0060) messages on a Series 80 Phone :)

Que Serra, my rant for the day.


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